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About Us

Our founder has a long history delivering IT Services to the Civilian and Federal Sectors. Starting his first company in the early 90’s, flexibility has been the mainstay to meet the needs of the dynamic IT industry.  Founded as a Talent Acquisition Agency, XiarTech evolved into an IT Solutions Provider with the trifecta of offerings – IT Services, IT Training, and IT Talent Acquisition. The array of solutions in our portfolio are mutually supporting. Taking lessons learned in each line of business, we modify our approach across divisions to stay at the leading edge of the industry. This approach keeps us agile to provide the solutions you need to complete your projects.

Delivery is our Mission

We are delivery experts. Our sales and marketing claims are backed by our obsession with delivery. The proof of delivery is through the strong relationships established with clients and partners. Our relationships are built through shared responsibility, especially during difficult situations. We pride ourselves on constant communication, flexibility in response to changing requirements, and enabling our clients to achieve their goals.

Akal Global Partnership

Our partnership with Akal Global brings the agility of a small business with the infrastructure and resources of a large one.

Akal Global is an American-owned company that was founded as Akal Security in 1980 with a commitment to serve and protect life. As the years progressed our commitment took on many forms and today the Akal Group is a strategically diversified venture that offers a full spectrum of security solutions. Akal is an ally of some of the most significant organizations in the world. Their trust in our capabilities drives us to pursue security excellence day in and day out. We have built Akal on this “Ethos of Excellence,” enabling us to deliver exemplary security solutions to our clients worldwide.

Akal Global’s commitment to serve and protect life is intertwined with XiarTech’s technology based focus to do the same.